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Bridget and Anthony

Our Story

The Beginning

Like any modern love story, Bridget and Anthony met on Hinge and were immediately smitten. The first date was set: after-work drinks at Miniboss, an arcade bar in downtown San Jose. Conversation flowed for hours, no arcade games were played, and the rest is history. The next four years would be filled with laughter, great food, learning new things together, many trips to wine country, and lots of love.

The Proposal

In January 2023, California was undergoing the first significant rainstorm of the year and a planned weekend getaway to Carmel had to be postponed. With that, Bridget’s initial suspicions subsided and Anthony suggested that they go to a movie and run some errands on Sunday morning, as their weekend was now free. Little did she know, Anthony had arranged for “pit crew” Emily and Connor, to sneak inside their apartment and get everything set up for Anthony’s surprise. Upon returning from a morning full of Gerard Butler action scenes and lengthy errands, Bridget was unlocking the apartment door when she heard Otis (Emily and Connor’s pup) bark “hello!” Bridget turned and asked Anthony, “Did you get us a puppy?!” No, it was not the golden retriever puppy of their dreams, but instead…
Inside their apartment, every surface was covered in tea lights and rose petals. Streamers, balloons, hearts with sweet memories written on them adorned their kitchen walls and windows. Peter Gabriel’s “Book of Love” was playing softly in the background as Anthony gave Bridget his own “Book of Love” that he had been crafting for weeks. Each page had one line of lyrics with a correlating memory, inside joke, photo, or anecdote.
The last line of the song is, “I ought to give you wedding rings” and Bridget closed the book to see Anthony down on his knee! They celebrated with champagne and rapid fire Facetimes to family and friends, and they are so looking forward to celebrating together on May 11, 2024, just five days shy of their fifth dating anniversary.